Those of you that follow my work know that work tends to focus on people and the human condition. Initially, while shooting this story for Planned Parenthood Uganda I had planned on shooting it the same way. It didn’t occur to me until later that the piece had taken on a new form. It had evolved into a piece about the facilities itself rather than its patrons. The medical centers that I visited were haunting. Like ghost towns. Signs of life but none to be found. The country coordinator I had been traveling with told me, “ Things had changed since Trump took office and about 30% of the PP budget had been stripped away. They didn’t have the resources they once had and they weren’t able to provide the services they once had been able to. “

Planned Parenthood is currently facing an uphill battle. Since Donald Trump had taken office the funding for Planned Parenthood is nonexistent. Not only damaging the reproductive health of Americans but its international partners as well. Developing countries such as Uganda rely on international aid organizations such as Planned Parenthood to provide reproductive services to the people. Without the support of Planned Parenthood the women of Uganda have little to no access to family planning, birth control, or after abortion care. Since abortions in Uganda are illegal women find other means of terminating their pregnancy in their village resulting in botched or incomplete abortions, sepsis, and death. Without PP these deaths will skyrocket.

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