Women of the Migrant Caravan Share Their Stories

December 11, 2018- Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and thousands of Central American migrants hurdled over each other in a shelter fit to hold half the amount of people it currently carries. The air is damp, food is scarce, and no one knows how long this will last. Some small children carry the human rights of the child's core principles tied around their wrists in case they get separated from their families. Women can only hope their human rights are taken into account. 

The arrival of the migrant caravan to Tijuana, Mexico, has raised numerous human rights concerns. While all migrants face precarious conditions in the new migrant settlements in addition to an uncertain future, women face additional challenges, especially in regards to safety, opportunity and vulnerability.

But they have hope now. The women of the caravan have strength in numbers and rely on each other for support through the incredible journey of more than 2,500km. They say that counting on other women during this journey has allowed them to arrive safely. Women as young as 15 years old have walked with their babies through some of the most dangerous terrain in Central America, and thanks to each other were able to find refuge in Mexico while they wait for asylum.

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