When Amar was just 6 years old, she was playing in the garden with her friends in their village just outside of Damascus, the capital of Syria. This seemingly normal day turned into one she would be forced to remember for the rest of her life when a car parked near the garden exploded and fire and shrapnel destroyed the entire street. Amar was hit by the blast and burned by the fire, but survived with a scar covering the right side of her face. Her father Mhammad said, “I had no time to think and process what happened, I just reacted. I needed to get my family away from the danger. There was no time to waste if we wanted to survive the war." Two months later they moved to Jordan. Today Amar is 12 years old, she lives with her family in the capital, Amman. She is teased heavily by other children in her school because of the burn on her face. Amar said, “I don’t remember the explosion, but I’m always teased and it bothers me a lot. I’m trying my best to cope with it.” Despite the teasing, Amar excels in school. She is in sixth grade and her favorite subjects are English, Arabic and science. Her voice is soft and kind and she beautifully blends English and Arabic as she shares her story with us. “After school I want to be a lawyer because I want to help children who went through the same things that I did. I sympathize with them so much.” Amar is incredibly inspiring, her positivity and compassion for others shines through her beautiful brown eyes and her warm smile. She enjoys her life outside of school. She loves running and drawing things like animals, people and nature. “I want to continue my studies and build a new future for myself here. I want to leave what happened to me behind.” In the countries where we work around the world, we are able to customize the safe surgical care we provide based on the local need. In addition to providing cleft care, Operation Smile is providing surgical burn care to children who need it in Jordan. As long as there are children like Amar in need, we will continue working to make sure it is available, because we believe access to surgery is a basic human right

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