Honolulu Magazine article, "Self Defined" focusing on transgender men and women thriving in the work place. Shane Ortega, an openly transgender male in the United States Military. "I knew what I was doing by signing this contract; I was not naive. I also knew to what extent it would be oppressive, because I had already seen the repercussions of what it meant for my mother to serve under "Don't Ask Don't Tell" as a closeted lesbian...... I feel the pressure to be perfect, because I'm under a microscope. I've been in the military for 10 years as a former Marine who served three combat tours. If I can set a near perfect example as a trans man in the military that can't be torn down, that will eliminate the suffering of others." SGT. Shane Ortega, United States Army . . . "Self Defined", September issue 2016 Honolulu Magazine

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