A Southern California native, Rae Ceretto has lived and worked around the globe. At the age of 15, Rae moved to Serbia to complete her first documentary short based around the 1999 NATO bombings and death of former Yugoslavian dictator Slobodan Milosevic. Following the completion of her short film, she graduated with honors from New York University.  

Since then Rae has been traveling the world creating stories for some of the biggest names in the non profit, business and entertainment world including; UNICEF, Operation Smile, UNHCR, Rolling Stone Magazine, CBS, and Red Bull Media House.

Rae is currently directing her first feature length documentary with an all female crew, We Do Not Live Here. We Do Not Live Here, aims to preserve the experience of women refugees and tell a story that will inevitably connect us all. By weaving together the narrative of refugee women from across the globe, she will show the parallels of refugee life, and the power of the human spirit.

Rae is currently available for domestic and international assignments.

Clients include: New York Times Upfront, UNICEF, Operation Smile, CBS, Red Bull, Matador Network, Rolling Stone Magazine, CBS, Esquire Magazine, Planned Parenthood, UpRoxx, US Weekly, MSN, The Daily News, Surfrider, Zuma Press Agency,The Stanford Review, and various non-profit websites

Current Location: Los Angeles, California

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